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We are united in the belief that...

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We are humans first

We hold ourselves to the t-shirt test: “Am I proud to wear a Ting t-shirt to the grocery store in a Ting town?!” We are not a corporate monolith but a collection of passionate, opinionated, deeply invested individuals.

We’re focused on the customer

We connect our own experiences as customers to our mission as a provider. As a member of the Ting Team, we treat each other like customers: We make clear promises and keep them.

We’re a force for good in our communities

We participate, advocate and do our part. We live, give, shop, and hire locally and succeed by lifting our entire community.

We believe the Internet is for everyone

We bravely take on issues bridging the digital divide and promoting digital equity and inclusion in our work. We take pride in having a Ting Team that is diverse in ideas, thoughts, and backgrounds to give voice and opportunities to all.

We view the Internet as essential infrastructure

We embrace our role as infrastructure stewards and champions of the internet user. We believe in “building for the future” for your community and your career!

We aim high

We set audacious goals and don’t shy away from challenging giants in our pursuit of building a better internet experience.

We grow and adapt

We embrace change and are excited by external forces and trends that benefit our customers.

How we walk the walk

Some of the ways we support Digital Equity in our communities
  • We participate in the Affordable Connectivity Program from the FCC. The ACP helps ensure households can afford the broadband they need for work, school, healthcare, and more. (More info on the FCC Website)

  • Through the Friends of Ting program, we provide free service to community partners and non-profit organizations that do work for the communities we are involved in.

  • We partner with our towns to provide Free Ting fiber-led Wifi in public locations to make connectivity and access the default.

  • We partner with Housing Authorities and local government to work on providing equal and subsidized access to gigabit internet for residents in lower-income households.


My experience working at Ting has continued to prove to me that this was the right career move. I feel lucky to be surrounded by ambitious people who strive to offer their best regardless of which part of the company they’re in. Ting has nurtured an inclusive environment and they continue to find ways to make the work environment more accessible to both the employees and customers.

This inclusive environment has also created a positive work place where people are willing to help each other with any questions in regards to career progression. This is supplemented by the company’s learning fund where they will support us in our learning costs so we can work towards our career goals.

Farah A H | Residential Onboarding Advisor

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