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Our Construction and Fiber Operations Teams are composed of hardworking individuals that lay the foundation of our network.

A Ting construction truck in a local town

Fiber operation roles

Sorry, there are no open roles at this time. Please check back or visit for more opportunities.

Recruitment team

Chidinma O.

Talent partner

Jessica L.

Talent partner


Tim H.

Director, Regional Construction and Operations (East)


Director, National Enablement & Fiber Operations


A year into the pandemic I realized two things: first, my job could be done one hundred percent remotely forever, and second, that my employer could never allow that. I’ve always wanted to live in Colorado, and had spent significant time out west, so I began the arduous task of finding a new job. I hadn’t even thought of looking for a job in thirteen years; I had the opportunity to work with amazing people, and as a team overcome very interesting technological challenges, but it was time to move on. When I heard Ting was a Tucows business I felt a sense of nostalgia. I had downloaded plenty of windsock software for systems in the 90’s. The real excitement began as I dug deeper to understand the culture and business. Tucows is a people-first company, “we are good people doing good work”, and very early in the pandemic declared they would be a remote-first company forever. They have been dedicated to the free and open internet for over twenty five years and embrace equality and digital inclusion. All this resonated with me, and everyone I chatted with before I was hired was thoughtful, kind and and excited. When I was offered a job I jumped at the opportunity, and began looking for housing in Colorado. A year later we moved to Winter Park and are now living our dream in the high mountains!

I’ve been here almost two years and I know I have found my people. I didn’t even know I was looking for my people!

Rob H | Director Network Engineering

Our hiring process

  • 1. Application

    Send in your application and receive a confirmation email from us.

  • 2. Assessment

    In 24 hours, you’ll receive a link from Traitify for a short assessment.

  • 3. Initial screening

    Within 2 weeks, if we think there’s a good fit, one of our Talent Partners will set up a phone/video interview.

  • 4. Process update

    If selected, the talent partner will be back in touch to keep you updated on your status, set a timeline as well as discuss your next steps.

  • 5. Interviews

    Within the next 3-6 weeks, there will be a series of interviews. The number and type will depend on the role you’re applying for. (i.e., peer-to-peer fit interviews, executive and technical interviews, etc.)

  • 6. Outcome

    Once interviews are completed, your talent partner will reach back out to communicate the outcome and provide feedback.

Average time: 4 weeks from the initial phone interview.